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Pet Vaccinations in Winnipeg for Cats and Dogs

Safe and Reliable Pet Vaccinations in Winnipeg

Regular wellness exams and vaccines are important to take care of your pet’s overall health. Committed to supporting canine and feline health before illnesses strikes, Rivers Animal Hospital offers preventive care with tailored pet vaccination programs at our Winnipeg location. Call us now to discuss your pet’s health care needs with our expert veterinarian. We are always more than happy to welcome new patients! 

Sometimes your pet gets a side effect, but it should not last more than 24 hours. Please don't hesitate tell us your concerns.  We offer the safest vaccination plan for your pet.  
Dr. David Scammell, our licensed veterinarian, is available to answer any questions you may have about our preventive health programs so that you can give your dog or cat a happy, active life. Reach out to us to book an appointment today. 


Puppy Vaccination FAQs 

  • Can I bring my dog around other dogs before they are fully vaccinated? 
    We understand that puppies are social beings and that you may want to get them into training classes or play with other dogs, but if you bring your dog around other dogs before being fully vaccinated, make sure the other dogs are vaccinated. It's best to wait a week or two after they've done their full vaccinations against a certain disease. 
  • What are vaccines? 
    Vaccines trigger protective immune responses in pets and prepare them to fight future infections from disease-causing agents. Certain vaccines can prevent infection, whereas other vaccines can lessen the severity of future diseases. A variety of vaccines are available for your pet. Ask us any questions. 
  • If a vaccine is considered to be non-core, why does my pet need that? 
    Whether your pet needs non-core vaccines depends on the area in which you live and your pet's lifestyle. 
  • What should I expect after my pet's vaccination? 
    After receiving a vaccine, it's common for pets to experience some mild side effects. We encourage you to talk with our veterinarian about what to expect after vaccination. Be sure to inform him if your pet has had prior reactions to any vaccine or medication. 


What Vaccine Does Your Pet Need?

We will be glad to recommend vaccines based on your pet’s lifestyle, routine and specific needs.

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